InkTober 201720171031_InkTober2017

Gallery: Ink & Cycling (Inktober 2016)20161100_gallery_2016inktober

Gallery: Developing Landscapes
Project: A collection of Walters (in progress)20160704_WaltRaleigh_Flattened_bProject: Beane20160712_BeaneGodessWcolA2_bGallery: Superhero research
Studies for a personal project on Marvel and DC Superhero outfits to support some of my emerging ideas.
Gallery: Drawing London on Location

Gallery: Teenie Sketchbooks (2010 onwards)20160725_TeeniesSketchbookGallery

Gallery: Memories of Summer 2015
Gallery: NPG Drop In Drawing
Gallery: Him and Her
Gallery: Watercolour Figure Drawing
Gallery: Figure Drawing
A selection of figure drawings. Some are speedily drawn and with others I have taken more time on the detail. Much of the gallery is of line drawing in ink.
20160413_FigureDrawingsGallery: Pastel Figure Drawing
Figure drawing from events at Holborn and Covent Garden Life Drawing. Much of the work in this gallery has been in charcoal and chalk. Most of the drawings are on simple sheets of brown wrapping paper to provide a good mid-toned background.
20160412_Gallery_PastelCharcoalFigureGallery: Commuters
I spend a significant amount of time travelling to work. When I’m not using my laptop I occasionally draw my fellow commuters.
20160413_Gallery_CommutersGallery: Figure drawing at Central St Martins
In December 2013 I attended a week of Figure drawing tuition at CSM, London. It was the only art course I could find during my Christmas break from work and it provided me with a significant creative spark during my reawakened interest in drawing and painting.
20160413_Gallery_2013CSMGallery: Photography (Arty)
20160413_Gallery_ArtyPhotogGallery: Observational Photography

Gallery: Noughties Sketchbooks
A collection of drawings and paintings extracted from my sketchbooks over the years 2000 to 2010.20160715_Gallery_00sSketchbook

Gallery: Selfridges Back Catalogue (1991/92)
A selection of my work from the early Nineties when I was an in-house Graphic Designer/Illustrator for Selfridges Limited, Oxford Street, London. 20160710_Gallery_Selfridges

Gallery: Cyprus Sketchbook 1995
Highlights from my sketchbook completed in 1995 during a holiday in Paphos, Cyprus.20160715_Gallery_CyprusSketchbook

Gallery: Nineties Sketchbooks
A selection of drawings and paintings from the sketchbooks I carried around in the 1990’s.20160715_Gallery_90sSketchbooks

Gallery: Eighties Sketchbooks
Here are some drawings and paintings I have chosen from the sketchbooks I filled up during the 1980’s.20160715_Gallery_80sSketchbooks