Watercolours for Project Beane

I have almost finished these two watercolour paintings that form part of this personal project. I have painted the smaller version to a maximum measure of 12 inches with the much larger A2 size allowing me to work in more detail with a greater variation of colour and brush stroke. PROJECT BACKGROUND I was looking … Continue reading “Watercolours for Project Beane”

Project Beane: Layout development with typography

This is a more developed base drawing for Project Beane. I have adjusted the layout in proportion to A4/A3, added hand rendered typography and hands together with water ripples and waves extending from the hair of the little goddess of the river. Note to self: correct the Goddess typo! #RiverBeane2016

River Beane

River Beane is a personal challenge relating to my interest in conservation of a local river. My intention is to submit one or more paintings to the village show. BACKGROUND I was looking for local subject matter for a personal painting project and I found it in my local river. The River Beane which passes close to where I live has … Continue reading “River Beane”

Project Beane: Ink Illustration composition in advance of painting

I’ve set myself a painting project that relates to the subject of conservation of my local river and will also form pieces of work I hope to submit to our village show later in the year. I’m using my ink line art illustrations to help form my composition. #RiverBeane2016