#InkTober2016 Day Six: Hidden

This is day six of my InkTober Project as I take part in Jake Parker’s 2016 InkTober Initiative.
For my Inktober Project not only am I using the 2016 InkTober prompt list for inking but I’m overlapping it with the theme of cycling which is another of my passions.
Today the prompt is ‘HIDDEN’.

Inktober Day Six. Hidden.
Hidden Motors. Are motors being hidden in bikes for races?
If button operated, a button push could provide a much needed boost when required or to help the rider make a quick move at a decisive moment.
A small motor can be slipped into a seat tube that can power the botton bracket axle to enable the pedals to go around on their own.
Hidden on/off switch on handle bar. Saddle bag. Battery and motors. Drinks bottle. Crank drive.
The motors could also give the rider a few minutes rest when they most need it.
Use of hidden motors is also referred to as Technical Fraud or Mechanical Doping.
Competition bikes are regularly scanned for heat-emitting devices. The hubs of rear wheels are also often scanned.
Saddle bags and drinks bottles could be used to contain supplementary batteries.
Battery, motor, wires, drives to crank.
Special Report.
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Inktober + Cycling = HappyWalt
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