Poor Old Walter and ‘Hey Kids Comics!’.

I’ve just finished listening to this book. ‘Hey Kids Comics!’. A collection of true life stories on how comic books have affected people’s lives.

Chapter 28. ‘Growing up in Bash Street’ covers the anarchic British comic publications, Beano, Dandy, Topper, Beezer with focus on comic artist Leo Baxendale.
As a child growing up on the late seventies and christened a ‘Walt’, I was (and still am) psychologically tarnished by the depiction of Walter, Prince of the Softies in Dennis the Menace [the british spikey haired proper bully not the American one]. The author describes Dennis as ‘forever tormenting his nemesis, Walter the softie, whose crimes amounted to being well behaved and intelligent’.
That’s the most credible description of poor Walter that I have read to date.