#InkTober2016 Day Three: Collect

This is day three of my InkTober Project as I take part in Jake Parker’s 2016 InkTober Initiative.
For my Inktober Project not only am I using the 2016 InkTober prompt list for inking but I’m overlapping it with the theme of cycling which is another of my passions.
Today the prompt is ‘COLLECT’.

Inktober Day Three. Collect.
Many cyclist collect Lycra. Lycra bends and moved easily to avoid chafing. Sky Team promote black. This is not good for road safety 🙁
Longer back to keep lower back covered. Rear pockets to carry stuff. Leg wear higher to keep back covered. Padding essential for both men and women. Half zip. Padding provides protection from bumps. Full zips undo all the way down for if super hot. e.g. on a hill climb. Cyclists don’t wear any pants under shorts to avoid chafing. Insects like bright colours too! Team Tinkoff’s bright yellow/green is great for roads. High next helps protect from the sun. Note: You don’t have to wear lycra to ride bike. Unlike cotton, lycra helps sweat move away from the skin.
#Intobercollect #Inktober2016 #Inktober @inktober
Inktober + Cycling = HappyWalt
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