Fathers Day 1992. Selfridges

1992 In-store Fathers Day promotion for Selfridges Limited, Oxford Street. The brief was to remind and prompt purchase ideas and sales to the many customers who were not just in the store to make a Fathers Day purchase. The designs were hand rendered in magic markers. The illustrations were hand drawn and finished in fine ink Rotring pen and fine permanent marker. Design and artwork was produced by hand on CS10 art board, with camera work, bromide output with cut and paste artwork reproduced as positive film to enable three colour screen printing.
The typographic solution was favoured and chosen. Additional suggestions to the the marketing team included a special in-house promotional wrapping paper which was not progressed.
Different sizes were designed and artworked for poster sites including escalators and smaller versions with larger background illustration for sales counters and display cabinets.
In the previous year I had taken a different approach Fathers Day 1991. Selfridges

More illustration and design work for Selfridges