Illustration and Graphic Design for Selfridges Ltd (1991/92)

In the early Nineties I was an in-house Graphic Designer/Illustrator for Selfridges Limited, Oxford Street, London.
I have digitised a selection this work that included illustration as well as graphic design to form a back catalogue and archive on this website.
Personally the activity of revisiting this work was quite inspiring and motivating for me as now later in life I refocus on my interest in making art.

Brochure rear
Easter 1991
JFK portrait art wide
Just For Kids 1991
Fathers Day 1991
Marker visualisation for posters
Study in Style
Paint Illustration on Balsa wood
Nilgiri Tea Promotion
Barcode Guys Presented
Barcode character
Wine Club
Design chosen
Bridal Day 1992
The Bridge Cafe
Restaurant Photography Visuals
Finished graphic
Fathers Day 1992