Another Late Train

The trains this week have been truly rubbish! Trees on the line on Monday is totally understandable but multiple incidents of broken down trains due to previous trains being delayed and trains not available..crap excuse. Luckily I was well stocked with a book, audio book and sketchbook.

George Grosz

From my visit to the ‘George Grosz: Berlin’ exhibition at the Richard Nagy. German artist. Caricatural drawings. 1020’s. Berlin. Anti-war. Anti-corruption. Berlin Dada. New Objectivity Group. Emigrated to US in 1930’s.

Shredded Wheat Factory

The Shredded Wheat factory in Welwyn Garden City has been closed for many years. I miss the smell that frequently wafted across the down. Tesco own the land now threatening to build another town centre in it’s place.